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Root Canal Treatment in India | Dentistry or Dental problems

Dentistry is the term which is related to the various types of dental problems. It is defined as the science which is generally concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and the management or cure of conditions related to oral cavity. There are various types of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity which include teeth’s, gums and various associated structures of the mouth of an individual. Dentistry includes various types of methods of repair and substitution of the contaminated or infected or the broken tooth. There are various types of dental problems, Root Canal Treatment in India that are being treated by the dentists every day.

Is the term which is related to the various types of dental problems. It is defined as the science which is generally concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and the management or cure of conditions related to oral cavity. There are various types of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity which include teeth’s, gums and various associated structures of the mouth of an individual. Dentistry includes various types of methods of repair and substitution of the contaminated or infected or the broken tooth. There are various types of dental problems that are being treated by the dentists every day.

Dental Treatment Packages in India

When compared to other countries, In India the costs of various types of dental treatments and procedures are very much pocket-friendly and cheap where a patient can get standard quality treatment at affordable prices. Indian dentists follow quality as its main principle and try to maintain the same throughout entire procedure. Dental treatments in India have achieved a wide variety of impetus from the past few years as the types of services that a patient gets. It is astonishing to see the cost that one individual has to pay is not a very expensive one and easily affordable. Such kind of treatments are very expensive in countries like Europe, US etc. but the same type of treatment and even that too with the similar advanced equipment’s which were used in other countries is quite supposedly priced. Below is the comparison table mentioned that depicts the various types of cosmetic dentistry or dental treatments including dental packages range in US and India:

S.No. Dental treatments/ Cosmetic dentistry Dental Procedure cost(in USA) (USD) Dental Procedure cost(in India) (INR)
1. Teeth whitening treatment 100 5500
2. Instant teeth whitening treatment 360 23000
3. Dentures preparation USD 500- USD 600 INR 35000 – INR 37000
4. Gum Contouring The price of dental implant generally varies with the type of implant chosen (Starting from 180 USD) The price of dental implant varies with the type of implant chosen (Starting from 9700 INR)
5. Invisaligns The cost varies from individual to individual. (i.e., 2500) The cost varies from individual to individual. (i.e., 140000)
6. Resin veneers 200 per tooth. 11700 per tooth
7. All on Four 8000-9000 per jaw 550000 per jaw
8. Smile Makeover 300  per tooth 20000 per tooth
9. Ceramic Inlay/ Onlay 150 per/tooth 8500-9000 per/tooth
10. Root Canal Treatment 100 6500
11. Dental Implants 650 37000

The basic prices mentioned in the above packages chart are just an approximation and may subject to vary, depending upon the medical condition and problem of the individual patient.

Smile makeover in Delhi, India

It is the process of improvement of the appearance of the effective smile by the help of one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, like:

  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth Implants
  • Teeth Whitening

Some of the basic points should be taken into consideration which includes the facial appearance, tone of skin, hair color, teeth (color, shape, width, length, and tooth display), tissue of gum and lips. This process needs an overall 3- 4 days in completion. Smile makeover cost in India is around INR 21000 and above, which also depends upon the type of makeover a patient needs.

Root canal treatment in India, Gurgaon – Delhi-NCR

The root canal treatment in India is a general process which is carried out in order to repair and re-store the damaged dental pulp or dental nerves. The root canal treatment becomes essential when the dental pulp and dental nerves holding the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues have been died or contaminated due to the presence of various types of dental caries. The patient may or may not experience a pain after the death of pulp, but the problem will remain and can make the eating process very difficult for a person, and also the person may feel uncomfortable while chewing  or cleaning  process of the tooth.

Laser root canal treatment Clinics in Delhi

Laser root canal treatment is basically a procedure that utilizes conduction process for sterilizing the root canal treatment in India, this procedure is done under the presence of local anesthesia. Cost of laser root canal treatment variably depends upon the morphology of tooth, number of root canals to be treated, clinical experience, and any complications involved with the previous RCT. The cost of Laser root canal treatment range between 3000 to 5000 INR.

Dental Implant and Procedures Cost in India

Dental implant or Tooth implant is a procedure that is carried out to replace a single lost tooth or multiple lost teeth. Dental implant procedure has been altered in the past recent years and nowadays it’s in demand by people who consider dental implant to be a best option. The dental implant procedure is considered to be an ideal process to follow when compared to that of dental bridge. There are various types of advantages of implantation of tooth /dental implants over the dental bridge which are discussed as follows:

·         Easy in recovery,

·         Stability,

·         Provides easy to floss facility.

Dental implant is also a less time consuming procedure to opt for and the time taken for the treatment is usually one week.. On an average, the basic dental implant cost in India is can range anywhere between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000 which is discussed above in the table as well. The price of these implants depends upon many factors like tooth implant type, the material of the implant, the basic design needed for the implant and the number of teeth’s involved.

Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can ruin the individual smile and can basically affect the eating and chewing process making it difficult for an individual to carry out on eating. Also, it creates strain on other tooth. A dental bridge is a basically non-removal prosthesis and literally helpful in bridging of the gap between the teeth’s. There are basically four types of dental bridges present such as:

Traditional dental bridges, Cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges and implant – supported bridges. all these types can be opted by the patient or can be suggested by a doctor which one is best.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap shaped structure in tooth-shape that is placed over the damaged tooth which may be chipped or broken, to cover the surface of the damaged tooth. Dental crowns help to reinstate the shape and size, strength of tooth, and helps in improvement in its appearance.

The crowns, when once cemented into place, and then they fully encase the whole visible portion of a tooth that lies on and above the line of gum.


Dentures are the prosthetic devices which are made to replace the missing teeth and helps restore the smile of an individual patient. There are various types of dentures available where some can be removed after recovery whereas other designs involve bonding with other dental implants some of the dentures are mentioned below:

  • Conventional dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Over dentures.

Ceramic Inlay/Onlay Procedure in India

Dental or ceramic inlays and onlays are the procedures carried out for restoration of teeth’s. This treatment is basically used for repairing of the teeth that have undergone a mild to moderate amount of decomposition. These inlays and onlays can also be used for the restoration of teeth which are cracked, chipped or fractured. Ceramic inlays are considered when there is no requirement for dental crown and the damage is not that severe enough.

Inlays and onlays are traditionally made from the similar materials which are used in the preparation of porcelain veneers: which includes composite resin.  Ceramic inlays and onlays can also be created from colored tooth materials.  Inlays and onlays are often used as substitute for the metal fillings in the patients who desire a more natural-looking smile. The basic ceramic inlays or on lays cost in India is ranged between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 per tooth. 

Resin veneers Cost in India

Composite veneers or resin veneers are known as a conventional substitute to the porcelain and are made up of translucent resins which is carefully sculpted and hardened by the dentist. This can be applied in a single appointment with the dentist. Resin veneers costs about $200 to $1500 per tooth and may last up to five to seven years. Generally these are cheap when compared to porcelain veneers and are also susceptible to chipping and fracture if not well maintained and cared.

All on four treatment concept: All-on-four treatment concept is regarded as a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare, which is generally a technique used for replacement of teeth by the use of four implants in comparison to much known traditional methods. This procedure is carried out in patients whose teeth’s are broken, damaged or have compromised tooth due to gum disease. This method carries the following three characters:

1. As few as four implants per jaw: Because of All on four treatment concept it has become easy to use just four implants where in the conventional methods being used may require 8-10 implants covering whole mouth of the patient. However, the use of implants can be increased in the upper jaw if the patient bone density is found to be less.

2. Angled rear implantation of dental implant for optimum strength: Other than the implant being inserted in vertical direction, the rear implants are placed at a 30-45 degree angle. Its advantageous to the patients who has suffered bone loss.

3. The ability to be implanted and fitted in a day: This is the last trait which has earned the nickname i.e., ‘teeth in a day’, ‘smile in a day’ or ‘same day teeth’. This is a major improvement on conventional implant procedures which can take six months or more to complete with the extensive recovery time at each step of the progress. The total price of the surgery and restorative component used in the surgery can be in the range of $30,000–40,000 per jaw (upper or lower).

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