Al Healthcare Services – Support Your Life..!Health Care and Medical Tourism in India

Our Aim is to provide complete Medical Tourism solutions under one roof. We believe in providing affordable Medical Services to the world through a team of dynamic professionals. When you decide to be in an unknown country and amongst the unknown people for the most important thing in your life, we will be your trusted companion to provide all the Information and Support as per your requirement and necessity.

Why People Choose Us:-

  • We provide Professional Medical and Support Service..!
  • Perfect and accurate end result in your medical treatment is our top most concern..!
  • Our Excellent Hospitality is the one of the key features as we know that Guests are our God..!
  • We Save Your Time and do all the scheduling on behalf of you without waiting list..!
  • We understand you and always try to Bank your earnings and savings..!
  • Tour of Incredible India which is again an inevitable part of tour to India..!

We facilitate contact with Doctors and Hospitals and present proof of their credibility to you. We also provide information about various medical procedures and the Healthcare packages. We are a one-stop Medical Facilitation Service provider. We also arrange tours for medical tourists who would like to explore places of interest in India. 


Below are some of Our Services in Brief:-

  1. Free opinion and Quotes from Hospitals.
  2. Free Consultation before Arriving.
  3. Providing Intimation Letter for Medical Visa.
  4. Arranging Pickup and Drop at Airport.
  5. Selection of best Doctor to Treat specific Disease.
  6. Accompanying during treatment and after treatment if needed.
  7. Logistical support such as transport and accommodation.
  8. Visa Assistance.
  9. Language Interpreter.
  10. Arranging for Add-on services like Holidays and Shopping.
  11. Forex and other concierge services.